Presents for our company’s Christmas bazaar

Each year our company, Express Publishing, is organizing a Christmas Bazaar to support local charities. This presented an opportunity to put my 3D printer to good use.

Pull toy horse

These beautifully designed little pull toy horses can be found here on Thingiverse. I had a bit of a problem with the pegs for the wheels being slightly too small for the holes in the base, but that was easily solved with some epoxy putty.

Flexi Rex

These mean-looking creatures can be found here. Printed likewise in PLA, the links that make the model flexible work great and look really solid and unbreakable.

Fossilz Fish

These flexible remains of fish can be found here. Printed in PLA, the links work great but the model does require a bit of clean-up if printed with brim.flexible Pterodactyl

This flexible Pterodactyl can be found here. Printed in PLA, the links work great and look really solid.

prehistoric zoo

All these models together make a great prehistoric zoo. Our graphic designers Nick and Poppi made some great background images for the gift packages you can view below.

gift packages
background image for fish
background image for T rex
background image for pterodactyl

The PLA used for all these models was bought really cheap on offer here, but was still of good quality and easy to print with.