My name is Ippokratis Anastasiadis, and this is my blog. I break things, build things, program things, make things, and this is were I write about it. Occasionally.

By profession, I am a programmer, and you can read more about that on my portfolio.

I’ve been programming ever since I got my first computer, a small ZX81 at the age of 13 back in the 80s. That was quickly followed by a VIC20, much later a C64, and eventually a PC. Back then, it was assembly for the Z80 & 6502, sometimes even hand-compiled into hex machine code, and later C and BASIC for the PC. These days it’s Actionscript, PHP, SQL, HTML & javascript at work, and C++, PHP,
HTML & javascript at play.
Occasionally breaking my toys made me get into electronics as well. In fact, that was my first formal education of choice. Formal education in programming, especially multimedia, came later. These days, I also got myself into 3D printing.
You can find me here on Thingiverse.