Welcome to the portfolio of Ippokratis Anastasiadis, senior level developer with decades of professional experience in web-, applications-, and multimedia development. This here is just a very small, random sample of projects I’ve been professionally involved in over the years.

“When the past is always with you, it may as well be present; and if it is present, it will be future as well.”

William Gibson, Neuromancer

Electronics, computers and programming were my passion ever since I was a kid growing up in Germany, Europe in the 80s. I got my first computer, a small ZX81 at the age of 13, quickly followed by a VIC20, a C64, and eventually a PC while studying electronics engineering in Greece, also Europe. Back then, it was assembly for the Z80 and 6502 CPUs, sometimes even hand-compiled into hex machine code, and eventually first BASIC, and later C, C++ on the PC.

Somewhere in the 90s, while living in London, UK, still Europe, came the internet into my life, bringing with it HTML, Javascript, later CSS, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, and also Macromedia’s Director and Flash. It was the beautiful balance between design and development and the rich experience with amazing multimedia capabilities that Macromedia Flash offered which made me move professionally to multimedia development.

These days it’s mainly Actionscript, PHP, mySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS at work, and also C++ and Python at home while building with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, a 3D printer and a homemade CNC machine. I also work well with Adobe’s Photoshop, Premiere, Audition, and various other media editing applications.

Change, mostly driven by necessity, is in the nature of things, so understanding the nature of things and accepting necessity makes learning and adapting to new development tools naturally easy.

“The future is there… looking back at us. Trying to make sense of the fiction we will have become.”

William Gibson, Pattern Recognition

You can find out more about my professional life on my Linkedin profile, and more about my hobbies on my blog.

You can contact me either in German, English or Greek at info@ianastasiadis.com.