IWB (interactive whiteboard) & e-book software are indispensable elements in modern language teaching. These applications turn a printed book into an interactive experience, enabling structured and faster learning.

Advanced data mining techniques and automation enable the production of the software directly from a PDF or similar document of an existing book title. This avoids data entry and assures reduced production times in the range of weeks instead of months. The databases derived from the conversion enable the production of applications in different technologies and can also be used to produce new book titles at a faster turn-out. The immense possibilities in interactivity and structuring of the lesson’s exercises assure that the student has access to all necessary information to truly comprehend the lesson in an enjoyable fashion, without external references.

 The following demos require the Adobe Flash plugin. If you have it installed in your browser, you will be asked to activate it, otherwise it’s free to download and install from here.